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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Why Have a Bridal Shower ?

A wedding or bridal shower is a fun way for a woman's friends and family to celebrate her, prior to the wedding. As they "shower" her with gifts, they prepare her to start her own household.

What is the history behind Bridal Showers ?

Historically, Bridal Showers started when women wanted to marry "unsuitable husbands" and thus their families refused to provide a dowry. Friends of the couple gathered to pitch in and make up for the lack of a dowry by helping them set up house. Today, they are a time to share stories, eat great food, and pay special attention to the bride.

Who Should Throw The Bridal Shower ?

Typically, the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower, unless she is a member of the bride's immediate family. Many etiquette guides frown on a family member hosting, because it looks like she's trying to get gifts for the bride.

Where Should I Have a Bridal Shower ?

Anywhere from a bridesmaid's home to a favorite restaurant, a park, a beach, or the zoo. You can also choose to have theme showers at paint-your-own-pottery studios, beauty salons, galleries or other favorite party spots.

When to Have the Bridal Shower ?

Anywhere from 6 months before to the week of the wedding. If many guests are traveling from out of town, it may make sense to have it close to the wedding, so they can attend. Otherwise, it can be nice to have it four months or more before the wedding, so that it will add to anticipation, without adding to a bride's last minute stress.

Who Should You Invite ?

Start off by asking the bride for a guest list! (If it's a surprise, talk to her mother, or her fiancé). You'll want to make sure that you're not inviting anyone who won't be invited to the wedding, and the only way to know that is to ask directly. Remember to invite close female relatives of both the bride and groom.

Why should I get The Ultimate Bridal Shower Kit ?

A Bridal Shower is a fun way for a woman's friends and family to celebrate her, prior to the wedding. However, planning a shower requires careful planning & some knowledge so that you can be a hostess everyone is proud of. Our Bridal Shower kit helps you through out the process making your life much easier and helping you throw a great party, everyone will remember for years. See more features & benefits.

What format is The Bridal Shower Kit  in ?

All the guides in the kit are in Adobe PDF format for easy viewing on both PC's and MACs. We have placed the kit directly online so that you can access it INSTANTLY after you have made payment. This allows you to get to the information right away and you can even save the pages for future purposes. You are also free to print  out the guides if you wish. The Sample Invitations are  JPEG images which you can easily print out.

How do I Order ?

Click here to go to the order page. You can make payment using any major credit card or echeck via Paypal. During check out at Paypal click on the "Return To Merchant" button at the bottom of the page. This will take you directly to the download page. You can be on your way to Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower in less then 8 minutes. We are now offering the kit for only $19.95 [ Regular Retail Price: $39.95 ]  so take advantage while this offer lasts. Click here to Order

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