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  Bridal Shower Basics
Bridal showers are one of many pre-wedding parties and are great fun. They are known as parties with a purpose ...
  Bridal Shower Planning
There are a few common ways to hold a bridal shower. Some see it as the opposite of the bachelor party and a time for ...
  Bridal Shower Games & Ideas
When planning a bridal shower, be sure to include fun games appropriate for all attendees. If you are in need ...
  Bridal Shower Favors
Wedding shower favors are a way to extend gratitude from the bride-to-be and her maid of honor, to the guests of the ...
  Bridal Shower Invitations
The purpose of a wedding shower is to celebrate the bride and provide her a moment to share with family and friends ...
  Plan The Perfect Shower
It takes A good plan to pull off a great party. Learn the quick and easy way to plan a shower that will leave guests saying WOW...
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