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  Bridal Shower Party Planning  

There are a few common ways to hold a bridal shower. Some see it as the opposite of the bachelor party and a time for the women to get rowdy, others see it as a party held a few weeks before the wedding to give the couple their gifts, and lastly some see it as a kind of pre-wedding event held a day or two before the wedding.

If you're looking to throw a bridal shower that’s more of a bachelorette party, then you can model it after any sort of exciting theme. Mardi Gras would work well, a gambling party allows you to let down your hair or a Cinco de Mayo theme can allow the guests to eat as much Mexican food as they want.

There will also likely be some form of male entertainment at the party, i.e. dancers, but not always. If you object to the portrayal of men and women in that way then just firmly tell your guests 'no' to hiring a male dancer.

Holding your bridal shower a few weeks before the wedding can be a great way of getting it out of the way. Your guests can be those relatives and friends who live close by and other guests who can't make it until the wedding needn't worry because they can bring your gift to the wedding.

Isn't that nice of you? The guests at the shower can be fed on appetizers and drinks because you'll still be feeding the majority of them at the wedding.

If you do hold your bridal shower a day or so before the wedding so all of your guests can make it you may wish to pass the responsibility of throwing it onto someone else. In the days before your wedding you'll be very busy.

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